$1000 Flex Loan

Now offering a $1000 flex loan for consumer that need to put money in their bank account to avoid fees. You could be approved for up to $2500 and your credit score will not be a determining factor in your credit application. Our lenders do not pull a traditional credit report*, meaning from one of the big three credit bureaus.

Other factors go into the application and the flex loan. Factors such as how long you have been employed, how much money you make in a general month, and which state you live in can be a big determining factor. 

Receive a $1000 Flex Loan Offer


Zero Collateral Required for These Personal Loans

What Can I Do With a Flex Loan?

When you receive a $1000 flex loan you can use the funds for anything you wish. As long as you budget in the new loan payments that you did not have before, you can use the money to payoff unexpected expenses, veterinarian bills, dentist visits, back to school shopping. The options really are endless. Since there is no collateral required for these small loans you are not risking your car or your home.

How Do I Apply and How Does The Loan Process Work?

Just complete the short application. It is free and will not show up on your credit report. If we are able to match you with a direct lender you will immediately receive a flexible loan offer. You can review all the documents and details of the offer. If you agree to the terms then accept the loan and the money should be in your account according to the terms set fourth by the lender.


Convenient monthly payments that you pay the same time each month. Your loan gets paid down each time you make a payments. Our lenders offer many different loan amounts and time frames. Pick the loan that fits your financial situation. Be sure you can afford the loan.

What is the Interest On a $1000 Flex Loan?

We have many lenders in our network and they all offer different interest rates and length of payments. Here is an example, this does not mean you will receive an offer that matches this table.

Loan Amount: $1000
Interest Rate: 36%
Loan Duration: 12 Months

Payment Amount: $100/Month

Nov, 2018 $30 $70 $930
Dec, 2018 $28 $73 $857
2018 $58 $143 $857
Jan, 2019 $26 $75 $782
Feb, 2019 $23 $77 $705
Mar, 2019 $21 $79 $626
Apr, 2019 $19 $82 $544
May, 2019 $16 $84 $460
Jun, 2019 $14 $87 $373
Jul, 2019 $11 $89 $284
Aug, 2019 $9 $92 $192
Sep, 2019 $6 $95 $98
Oct, 2019 $3 $98 $0
2019 $148 $857 $0

Total Amount of Payments: $1206
Interest Paid: $206

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We would be happy to help you find a direct lender. You should know in the next 5 minutes if you have been approved.