2000 Title Loan | Get Cash For Equity In Your Car

There a many options available to you if you are looking for an installment loan. One option would be to get a $2000 title loan using the equity in your car or truck. If your car has value over 2000 dollars you may be able to borrow money against your vehicle. Now you will have a car payment so you will need to budget correctly to make sure you get this paid off according to the terms of the title lender.

What Are The Benefits of a Title Loan?

Title loans can be easier to get qualified for than unsecured loan. The collateral in your vehicle give lenders more confidence that they will be able to get their money back out of the loan. 

Also the only thing you are risking on the loan is your vehicle. This may sound a little sinister but if you find the loan is too much to handle then you can basically release your vehicle and have no further obligation to the lender. You will not have any collectors calling you and harassing you.

What Do You Need to Get a Title Loan?

  • If you are looking to get a $2000 title loan on your automobile then you will need to have a vehicle that is worth at least that much. You can look up your vehicles value online.
  • You will need proof of income and this will be a factor the lenders use to determine how much you qualify for. Lenders do not want to overload you, they would prefer to put you in a good position to pay off your loan. They do not want to be in the used car business, they would much prefer to be in the finance business.
  • You will need the title to your car. This probably goes without saying but we are going to anyway. As long as your car is paid off and you have the title in your possession then you will be eligible for a title loan.
  • Really the only thing at this point between you and a title loan is your State's regulation regarding title loans. Some states have strict rules regarding this type of loans and APR's that can be charged. You can contact your Department of Finance to find out exactly your local rules and regulations.

Keep In Mind

This is a legal agreement between you and a lender. It is important to remember this fact when your vehicle is being used as collateral. If payments are not made on time your vehicle could become the title lenders vehicle and nobody wants that situation. 

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Apply with us and we will attempt to match you with a title lender that operates in your state. The application is free and will not show up on your credit report.

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