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Fairbanks payday installment loan online. Loan amounts usually range from $1000 - $2500. Once you complete the online application you may receive an offer from one of our lenders within minutes. They may send the money directly to your bank. You will have the option to accept or decline the loan offer if you are approved.


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An online payday installment loan is a hassle free way to get the money you need fast. In most cases you can complete everything right from your computer and have the installment loan in your bank account by next business day. If you live in Fairbanks just complete the application and you could receive cash in your bank account fast.


Fairbanks is the largest city in the US state of Alaska. It is one of the few home rule cities in which cities and municipalities are allowed to pass laws that they deem to be suitable for the well being of the citizens. It is the second largest city in Alaska in terms of population. Fairbanks is located in the far North which means that tourists get to enjoy a lot of winter activities. The city gets the Northern lights during the Aurora season which lasts from August to April. The people of Fairbanks are well known for their warm hospitality.

Fairbanks Activities:

View the Northern Lights
Fairbanks is one of the best places to witness some of the beautiful aspects of nature. You can view the Aurora Borealis if your visit happens to fall between the months of September and April which is the prime viewing season. It is one of the main reasons that people choose to visit the city. One can get an unobstructed view of the Northern lights at the Ester Dome. There are a number of viewing spots and you can choose one that is nearest to you. The lights are truly breathtaking and completely visible from a dark spot.

The Summer Arts Festival
If you are an art fanatic, you must definitely time your visit so that you can attend the Summer Arts Festival at Fairbanks. The festival consists of rich and diverse arts that encompass all areas of arts such as music, theater, culinary arts, dance, and so on. A large number of people register at the festival each year to explore the diverse art and also to connect the artist within themselves. The festival is hosted between July 13th and July 17th. There are several educational programs where you can learn with the best of teachers and improve your techniques.


Do I Have to Fax Docs for the Installment Loan?

Generally there is not faxing required to complete the application for a payday installment loan. You an complete the entire application from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to leave your home and drive around to multiple lenders and fill out multiple applications. 

The Ice Museum
The Ice Museum, true to its name houses a variety of ice displays. The temperature inside the museum is at a point where you constantly feel as though you are freezing. It is open between the months of June to September and even though it is summer at this time of the year, the ambiance inside the museum is an entirely different story.

HooDoo Brewing Company
If you are in the mood for some freshly brewed beer, then the HooDoo brewing company is just the place for you. The owner of the brewery offers visitors a guided tour of the brewery that starts from the raw materials and finished at the end product, the beer. You can get a view of the huge tanks made of stainless steel, storage containers, production vessels, and so on. The tour is available only on Saturdays. The owner will also show you the feature that sets this particular brewing company apart from the other breweries. We are referring to the three-vessel brewing system that allows the company to monitor specific aspects of the beer. The brewing company gets its name from a neighboring mountain range.

The Midnight Sun Festival
The Midnight Sun Festival is a 12 hour festival that takes place in downtown Fairbanks and during this time, the entire street is bustling with activities. You can easily catch live performances, get a taste of different street foods, and lay your hands on all sorts of merchandise. The festival symbolizes the importance of the summer solstice. You are sure to get caught up in the festive vibe that conquers the streets during this time of the year. It is the largest event in Alaska that lasts for a day and every year, over 30,000 people attend this festival.

Visit the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Viewpoint
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline Viewpoint is an architectural wonder. It is a four foot pipeline that makes its way through nearly 800 miles of the Alaskan wilderness to several refineries. An interesting fact about the pipeline is that every hour, the pipeline carries oil that is worth a million dollars.

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