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Need a checking account:

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust
Coldwater - MI

Need a traditional loan:

Consumers Choice Credit Union
2510 Weiss St
Saginaw - Saginaw
Ph: 9897995580

Need a financial planner:

Financial Independents
1202 Michigan Ave
Lansing - Ingham
Ph: 5174844886

Inexpensive activities in MI, get out and enjoy your life and your family:

Corpse Pond - Ontonagon County

Depot Museum (Clio, Michigan) - Flint/Tri-Cities

WireLend is not a lender. You may have the opportunity to accept or deny the loan offer after you apply. If you accept a loan offer the funds may be direct deposited to your bank account in Macomb on the next business day. The terms of the loan are be between you and the lender. WireLend does not retain any personal information. Please use short term credit responsibly.

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Financial Tips and Ideas from WireLend:

Have A Small House
It may be best to live in a smaller house because having a very big house is not easy to maintain and aside from that, only few people will surely occupy such a mansion. So you are logically wasting space in making a big house. A small house may be not ideal to everyone but it sticks you with your family members and gives you more time to talk together.

Pay Off Debt 
One of the most tiresome financial troubles is debt. The more you ignore the bigger it gets. Disregard of debt can hurt your credit making it difficult to acquire loans or grants for any future plans that you may have. Face your debts. The principal balance is intimidating. Converse with student loan holders and credit card companies on how you can pay off debt. Keeping a line of communication can stabilize your credit help save time and money. When you ignore debt, debt collection agencies will persistently contact you. If they can’t reach they’ll file motions to seize your income such as a portion of your paycheck or your income tax check.

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