Texas Installment Loans Online

Texas installment loans online with no faxing required. You can even get a loan in Texas with bad credit. Payments that pay down your principal each month. WireLend works with lenders all over the country to assist you in getting a loan online. Use your computer or smartphone to complete the short application.

How Do I Apply and Get Approved Online

Complete our easy application and within minutes you may receive a Texas installment loan offer from one of our direct lenders. If you like the terms you can agree to the loan and the money may be sent directly to your checking account. We have lenders licensed in Texas that are ready to lend you money.  

Are Texas Bad Credit Loans Online Safe?

An installment loan in Texas is designed to help people with short term money needs. These loans are as safe and secure as a bank loan. Be sure to choose a trusted lender and company that has been in business for many years. No collateral required. Please use short term credit responsibly. The money may be deposited directly to your checking account. The payment may also be taken from the same account when it is due. Must be 18 or older in Texas.

Apply for a Wired Loan

Texas Personal Loans | No Faxing Required | E-Signature

In most cases you are not required to fax documents to get a loan. You can use an e-signature or esign to complete the loan documents. Saving you time and money so you don't have to run around town faxing. Occasionally faxing may be required but this is the exception and not the norm. 

Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account | Payment Options

Our lenders may direct deposit the money directly to to your checking account. Also known as a funds transfer or an ACH transaction. You may see the money in your checking account by next business day. The application only takes a couple minutes and you may have the money you need to cover your short term cash needs. Learn more about Texas bad credit loans.

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Stories of Texans who needed a cash infusion:

  1. Rebecca from Dallas: Rebecca lives in Dallas and works at the Parks and Rec Department helping to maintain the many city parks. She makes a modest wage but enjoys he job and being outdoors. Usually she rides her bicycle to work to cut down on transportation fees. One day she discovered her bike had been stolen from the bike rack at the local gym. Not having the extra cash to get a new bike put her in financial bind. She needed the bike to get to work. She contacted WireLend and on the next day she had $500 in her bank account to get a new bike. She made 6 monthly payments and was back on her feet, errr bike.
  2. Tony from Houston: Tony drives a taxi in Houston TX and has been happy doing this for over 12 years. He works nights so he can spend morning with his kids before they go off to school. One night he went to start his taxi and it was dead as a doorknob. Bad news, taxis that do not run do not make any money. Turns out the vehicle needed a new starter. Tony applied with WireLend for an installment loan and had his taxi back up and running in a couple days. 

There is never a good time to need money. People do not choose to run out of cash at a certain time. It's called life and it comes at as from all different directions. If you happen to find yourself in a financial shortage, we may be able to get you approved for some short term cash and that you can repay over the coming months.