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WireLend offers payday advance loans and installment loans online in Visalia, California 93277-93279. Fast and easy application, know about approval in minutes. One of the jewels of the San Joaquin Valley. These are installment loans with monthly payment plans and no collateral required. Usually no faxing is required in the State of California. Complete the short application and you may receive a loan offer in just minutes.

Visalia Installment Loans - Up to $2500 Have up to 9 months to pay back the loan. 2-9 month terms.

Your money may be sent to your bank account in California quickly. You can use an e-signature to complete the loan documents. No credit required for these unsecured installment loans. Choose the online loan that best works for you.

Visalia Installment Loan - Up to $2500

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Facts about Visalia

Visalia is the county seat of Tulare County, one of the most productive agricultural counties in the United States. Visalia is known for its rich architectural history and the Fox theater which is currently used for live music performances.

Payday Advance and Installment Loans Visalia CA | Tulare County

If you would prefer a loan from a bank in the Visalia area try:

Tucoemas Federal Credit Union

2300 W Whitendale Ave
Visalia, CA
(559) 732-8892

Valley Oak Credit Union

600 West Main St
Visalia, CA

If you prefer a loan online in Visalia. Apply with WireLend Now! Our lenders may direct deposit the money to your bank account. Also known as a wire transfer or an ACH transaction. You may see the money in your account usually by next business day morning. 

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Please use short-term credit responsibly. Must be 18 in Visalia. WireLend is not a lender.

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Visalia Installment Loans And Payday Advance