How to Get $1600 Loans Online

There are many types of $1600 loans. Some of them you can get online and others you can get at your local credit union or finance company. If you need to borrow 1600 dollars, we may be able to get you approved for a personal installment loan. If you are interested in a different financial product, we may be able to help educate.

How to Evaluate $1600 Short Term Loans

There are many factors that you will want to analyze before committing to any finance agreements.

  • How much are the interest rates?

  • What kind of payments will you be paying?

  • When will the loan by paid off?

  • Will this affect my credit score?

  • Can I budget for the loan payments?

These are just a few of the questions that should be evaluated prior to accepting any loan offers. Be sure the financing is right for you.

Will this loan hurt my credit?

If you apply for a $1600 installment loan with WireLend, then no, it will not affect your credit score. Direct lenders in our network do not check your FICO score. Also the application does not show up on your credit history with the 3 main credit bureaus. It could eventually harm your credit if you accept a loan and then do not repay the funds.

How do I get the money If I am approved?

If you receive and accept a $1600 personal loan offer from one of our direct lenders, they will ACH the money to your checking account. Automated Clearing House is the transaction process used by financial institutions to direct deposit funds. You can generally see money in your bank account by the next business day.

$1600 Loan Options

One way to make good financial decisions is to know all your options. Let’s cover a few of the typical lending avenues.

  1. Credit Unions - Many communities have a financial institution known as a credit union. This is a great place to have your checking and savings account. It is also a good place to borrow money. If you have a relationship with a credit union we recommend starting there for your short term financial needs. They will have the best interest rates.

  2. Credit Cards - Many people in America turn to credit cards when they need to use financing. As long as you have a large balance on your card and can accept a $1600 charge, this may be a good option. Just remember to plan for your monthly payments. The faster you pay off the balance, the better.

  3. Online Installment Loans - $1600 Installment loans, also known as personal loans, are a good option if you need the money fast and want equal monthly payments to repay the principal and interest on the loan. This is the financing option offered through WireLend. Apply with us if you want to receive a quote.

  4. Cash Advance - Also known as a payday loan. Most states do not allow loans of this size in payday advance form. Any for good reason, even if you could get a 1600 dollar payday loan you should avoid this option. You will have to repay the funds in entirety on your next paycheck. These have very high interest charges.

  5. P2P Lending Networks - There has been a rise in Peer-to-Peer lending networks. Just Google it online and there are several options. You could negotiate favorable loan terms and possibly lower annual percentage rates. Pay attention to your due date.

What do I need to get a 1600 dollar loan?

Loan companies that lend $1600 are going to look at a few key points during the application process. You monthly income needs to be high enough to cover your payments. Lenders keep a strict watch on debt-to-income ratios and do not overextend borrowers. You will need an open and active checking account so they money and be transferred to you. You will need proof of your address and a government issued Photo ID.

Safety, Security and Trust

Your safety and security is of the utmost importance and should be valued by any lender. Here are a few key points to look for when analyzing potential lenders.

  • A Secure Website - Look for the padlock symbol next to the URL. Also their domain name should begin with https and not just http. This shows the website has an SSL. If the site is not secure, do not put in any personal information.

  • Longevity - Find a lender that has been around for many years. These lenders will have their lending operations running like clockwork and your transaction should run smooth.

  • Reviews - People are quick to appreciate or disapprove of any institution that lends money. If your lender has been in business very long there will be plenty of reviews to access.

  • Contact Information - Any financial company you plan on doing business with should at least have an address, phone number, and an email address. Try contacting them before you begin the loan transaction to make sure.

There are many types of $1600 loans available to you, even if you have bad credit. Complete your due diligence on any lender that wants your checking account information.

WireLend Financial Tip #345

Use AutoPay to Budget Your Monthly Payments
No one likes paying bills. That's just a fact. So you'd think that autopay would be the natural next step. What you may not realize is that it's not just a matter of convenience. You probably pay more than you think in late fees. Autopay can fix that. How do you make sure you're keeping enough money in your account to ensure this is effective? Simple. Stick to your budget and set yourself reminders on your phone calendar to be more thrifty when the big bills are right around the corner.

If you need to borrow $1600 online then apply with us today. You could see money in your account on the next business day.