Christmas Installment Loans $500 - $2500

Christmas installment loan for the holiday season direct to your bank account. Our direct lenders work with people with poor credit and no credit at all. If you are looking for some extra jingle this Christmas, apply with us today and know immediately if you have been approved. The loan could be in your account by the next business day and you can pay it off over the months following the holiday season when money is not so high in demand. Loans amounts from $500 to $2500. No obligation quotes and Christmas loan offers.


WireLend Christmas Installment Loan - No Credit Holiday Lending

A good credit score is not always in the card. Life deals every one a different hand and sometime that means your credit score take the brunt of it. If this sounds like a situation your a familiar with you can apply with us today and will try and match you a lender to get your Christmas loan approved. You will know almost instantly if you have been approved and if so you will receive a loan offer. You then can choose to accept or decline the loan offer. We have many lenders available and all their terms and conditions differ depending on many factors. An installment loan can generally range from $500 to $2500 and you can get terms up to 9 months to repay.

Not Just Christmas Lending - Other Holiday Budgeting Tips 

Christmas Money Saving Tips:

That magical time of the year is around the corner again. That time of the year when all you want to do is snuggle into your warm clothes, rest on the couch with a cool glass of Baileys and dream about the eggnog that will replenish your soul in just a few more days. It is the time to celebrate with family, the time to celebrate bonds and relationships. It is that time of the year when magic happens and children believe in the power of Santa. It is also the time of the year that is sure to burn a huge hole in your pocket and set your finances back a lot more than you could have anticipated. For most people, it is the same thing every year. You get so busy with your life that you have no choice but to push back your Christmas shopping much closer towards the actual date a Christmas loan may be just the ticket. After all, is that not when the insane discounts pop up? You already know all about the Black Friday risk, but are the crowds really worth getting a few items cheaply?


You want everyone to enjoy your Christmas presents, no one wants their items in the rubbish pile. But how do you create a compromise between your budget and all the food and presents shopping you have to do for your near and dear ones? Christmas shopping can actually be done on the cheap, if you plan ahead that is. Leaving your shopping till the last minute is just a recipe for disaster. But if you do not know where to start, how do you set off on the road to buying those branded presents at crazy discounts? Look no further, your answers are all right here.

Four Tips That Make Your Wallet Bulge On Christmas Day:

The best time to start shopping for Christmas is any of the other eleven months of the year outside of December. The closer you get to that mega-celebration date, the more likely you are to face hiked up prices and large crowds all clamoring for the same products you want. Except food, which should also ideally be prepped and planned and bought from fresh and local markets, presents can be bought any time you like. Of course you need to resist the temptation to give it to the recipient far ahead of Christmas. But as long as you know how to keep a secret, buying off season items brings great discounts! Need to buy a new jacket? Wait until summer is just around the corner, and prices will be at their lowest. Now get up to $2500 with a loan through WireLend.


1) Cash back Credit Cards: Any and every purchase made using one of these cards automatically ensures that a percentage of the amount, typically 5%, is returned to you. With an assured discount on each purchase you make, this method makes those expensive presents a little more attainable. Just remember to set up a direct debit so you can repay it to in full each month, or you could be left to pay interest rates up to 23%!

2) Online Shopping: Recommended for purchases starting between end October and going up to early December, this is when the cool discounts start to appear. The closer you get to Christmas, the higher the delivery charges could be. To ensure an optimum shopping experience, start towards early December when the seasonal discounts do not yet compete with delivery surcharges.

3) Cyber Monday: Hate Black Friday? No problem. Cyber Monday lets you shop from the comfort of your home as you peruse through the hourly discounts and convenient vouchers that many brands advertise on their social media platforms.

4) Shop Today: Whether you are planning a vacation or looking for a present, start your shopping today to beat crowds, get the best deals and make sure that your budget does not have to be a compromise you make for your loved ones. On Christmas this year, Celebrate not just blessings and hope, Celebrate your finances as well.

Get Holiday Financing with a Christmas Loan Through WireLend

Create a budget and stick to it. Getting a Christmas loan for the holidays may be the gift you are looking for in your stocking. We have lenders standing by to review your loan application. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us!

Must be 18 years old to apply. Please use short term credit responsibly. WireLend is not a lender and makes no guarantees you will receive a loan offer.