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Gainesville, FL

Gainesville is a something of a natural-life Mecca in Florida, boasting of a number of parks, Natural reserves, water bodies and so on. Perhaps that is why Gainesville is the place where you can head to take a look at Florida’s natural history too! As such, there are a lot of things you can do at Gainesville that are either free or really cheap so that you do not have to stretch your budget at all. If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to visit, then you can head to Gainesville. These are some of the inexpensive things you can do in Gainesville.

Butterfly Rainforest
Housing over 1,000 butterflies across 60 varieties, the Butterfly Rainforest is a true paradise. Coming straight out of a fairy-tale book, Butterfly Rainforest is an ideal spot to visit in Gainesville for everyone from small kids to the elderly. Whether you are simply looking forward to having a good time amidst nature, or whether you are an enthusiast looking forward to learn more about butterflies, the Butterfly Rainforest is sure to be an amazing experience to everyone.

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Kanapaha Park
Perfect for chilled-out outdoor activities like picnics, then head over to Kanapaha Park. But there is a lot more to Kanapaha Park than just picnics – you can have a BBQ party or even play games such as soccer. The well-maintained lines of trees and beautiful plants lends the Park a very relaxing and tranquil atmosphere and even taking a walk along the trails can prove to be a rejuvenating experience.

Dogwood Park
If you are a dog-lover, then Dogwood Park is definitely going to be a paradise for you. The vast expanse of green with a number of ponds and doggies is sure to make even the worst of days seem better! If you are on a business trip to Gainesville and have had a stressful day, you should definitely pay a visit to Dogwood and play with the loving, friendly pooches left there to play unleashed.

Bat House
Built in the 90s, the Bat House and Bat Barn, the two are now inhabited by hordes of Bats and it is simply a magical site to watch them swooping out at dusk. Gather around the area by Lake Alice to watch the bats coming together with other spectators. The Bat House and Barn were built by authorities to keep a control on pests. Although at first no bats were attracted to the structures, over time they got so populated that they now consume almost 3 Billion insects in one single night! The Gainesville Pest Control Department clearly owes a lot to these creatures of the night.

Silver Springs River
Silver Springs will definitely appeal to everyone – nature lovers, and others as well. The spot is an intricate collection of springs with trails connecting each of them, together creating an ethereal atmosphere. If you are looking to picnic at a scenic location, then the Silver Springs river should definitely be on your agenda. Apart from being the perfect location for a picnic, Silver Springs River also has boat tours and a museum too.

Museum of Natural History
With plenty of attractions for children and having a lot of opportunities to learn, the Florida Museum of Natural History is simply perfect for everyone. Watch the time-line of the world’s natural history in the form of artifacts and exhibits that are rare. On a more specific note, the museum houses the natural history of Florida and its ecosystems that can make for an interesting visit.

Swamp Head Brewery
A special attraction for beer-lovers, Swamp Head Brewery is a spot that brings together traditional as well as ultra-modern developments in the field of beer-brewing. Head to the Swamp Head Brewery for wide collections of beers, ales, lagers and so on.

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